Unicorn Cupcake

U Is For Unicorn Cupcake These tepee cupcakes will make a great addition to a Wild West party.

To Dye for Cupcakes

"Colors" theme party for upcoming birthday. Tie-dye cupcakes that even my icing ineptitude can handle.

Taste a Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow cupcakes for St Patrick's Day. Cute and simple idea for a kids activity. White cake mix divided and colored then layered into a cupcake pan.

Balloon Cupcakes

Bunch of Balloon cupcakes! Used these for a fun activity at a girly birthday party. Had the kids each make a balloon and decorate with fun sprinkles and frosting and their choices of cute ribbon.

Treasure Map Cupcakes

I LOVE the idea of cupcakes for any party.not as much work and so much more fun for the kids. These treasure map cupcakes are the perfect way to incorporate a "pirate" theme to a party!

Lion and Lamb Cupcakes

Lion and Lamb Cupcakes: 2 light-colored cupcakes Yellow icing 5 orange and 1 yellow medium gumdrops 3 chocolate chips 1 piece of red shoestring licorice White icing 1 Hershey's Milk Chocolate Swoop 2 brown, 1 black, and 1 pink jelly beans Mini nonpareils

Edible Easter Basket Cupcake

With this fun and adorable recipe, you can decorate your very own edible Easter basket cupcakes. Fill the little nests with jelly beans, chocolate eggs for some Easter Fun!