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Cape Town 180 degrees - Pascal Parent

This is the last image (See what I just did? I called it an image, just for the purists!), from my Cape Town trip. This image stretches from Green Point on the left to Table Mountain on the right and the City of Cape Town in the middle, clearly seen is the table cloth running down Table Mountain one of the "new" 7 wonders of nature. I had everything planned and it showed. Well not everything, the clouds and the freezing cold wind that made me wish I had a bennie were far from planned. The…

Brown Veined White Butterfly (Belenois aurota) - Pascal Parent

Photo 2 the 2016 Collection As a great many living on the South African highveld (or high plateau), I often move to my patio to enjoy the fresh air. My house is located in the south part of Johannesburg near a natural reserve and that means there is a buzzing wildlife around me. I see from the 2 legged to the 8, from insects to reptiles going past birds and mammals, all day long every day. There are no large predators, I live in a built up area after all, but buzzing never the less. I will…

Germiston Fire Station (Back) - Pascal Parent

Photo 73 of 356 of the 2015 Collection Being part of a group of photographers has its perks, certainly in this country, if only for the safety aspect. Joburg Photowalkers did a photo-drive around the Eastrand, that would be the eastern part of what most know as Johannesburg thought that would be incorrect as by the time you enter this area you have left the Johannesburg city limits. The Germiston Fire Station, seen here from the back, is apparently going to be converted into a museum. A new…

Yellow tailed wasp - Pascal Parent

I have some luck with flying insects lately, I do not even have to leave the confines of my garden. I unfortunately do not have a scientific name for this beauty, if you do please leave me a note and I'll add it. Shot in my garden. Photograph by Pascal Parent © 2016

Macaw parrot snapshot - Pascal Parent

One, if not my biggest, pet peeve in the photography space is: Because you are known as a photographer, snapshots will not do! But what if I wanted to share a memory, not a portfolio image? No you cannot and will not publish that, says the masses! So I am defying the masses, here is my macaw parrot snapshot! Photograph by Pascal Parent © 2016

Purple Rain - Pascal Parent

The jacarandas in Johannesburg are a sight to see, the northern suburbs of the city turn purple with these majestic trees. This, from end of October the the firs few weeks of November, is the season. We call it purple rain season and you can see why. Interesting fact: The Jacaranda is not native to South Africa or Africa for that matter, even if our capital city Pretoria is widely known for it. The tree is native of Central and South America. Photograph by Pascal Parent © 2016

From Green Point to Boubergstrand - Pascal Parent

What gets more complicated than an HDR? In my books, a blue hour panoramic scene with moving clouds, the conditions keep changing by the second. In this case, I was very conservative and decided that a 2 photo panoramic would do, since each was 30 seconds I really did not know if it was going to work. It did! Photograph by Pascal Parent © 2016

Cape Town by night - Pascal Parent

Lately, I have been attracted to night lights, I was down in the fair city of Cape Town and planned to shoot for the top of Signal Hill, which as this photo and the next 2 will profess, I did. This was not without some challenges. Little di I know it was going to be freezing up there, I had a jacket but nothing to cover my ears, this resulted in an unpleasant experience. The results were worth it, though.

Sunday at the train station - Pascal Parent

Randomly chosen by fellow UK photographer Kim Brown from my Blue collection. Sunrises and sunset alike are funny things, one day they will be the most beautiful thing on earth, the next plain as can be. On this day it was just a vaguely interesting sunrise behind a lot of clouds. Photograph by Pascal Parent © 2016

Ansteys Building Foyer - Pascal Parent

Randomly chosen by my mother Claire Parent from my Blue collection. I restarted something I stopped doing about a year ago, asking people to randomly chose the next photos I will be posting. This forces me to think each time I post a photo as they often are from different shoot and eras. This one is from a photowalk back in January 2015, we covered central Johannesburg that day. One of the buildings, Mark Straw managed to get access to was the Ansteys Building, finished in 1937 of an Art…

The rain cometh - Pascal Parent

It is Saturday evening and a few photographers have come together on the 50th floor of the Carlton Center and the weather is not playing nice. Once a renowned and hip tourist attraction the "Top of Africa" is now a desert of derelict shops and restaurants. It still holds one unique aspect, it is the highest publicly accessible point of Johannesburg City Center, that makes it attractive to any photographers. This was the west view as we arrived.

Hartbeespoort Bridge of Locks - Pascal Parent

Photo 11 the 2016 Collection I have been shooting a lot with the Canon EOS 70D paired with either the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4 IS STM or the Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM. I must admit that the Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM has taken residence on my Canon EOS 70D, it's dimunitive compact size is ideal for the kind of shooting I do. This is the lock bridge at The French Toast Coffee Cafe in Hartbeespoort, more about the cafe here. Photograph by Pascal Parent © 2016

Grass - Pascal Parent

Photo 10 the 2016 Collection Wide-angle photography is not easy, sure when it is a landscape or cityscape, point, frame, shoot and voila! But there is so much more to it than that, the finer details, the wide scope of life and more, much more. My wife, Geraldine, is so good at finding these, I often think she is a natural. She will deny it but she does have an eye for it. Photograph by Geraldine Parent © 2016

Voortrekker Monument at Sunset - Pascal Parent

Photo 9 the 2016 Collection With the coming Pretoria wide-angle photowalkI thought it would be wise to scout the area and make sure everything was accessible, that there is enough subject matter to shoot and that we can get the sunset! It would have been nice to have clouds as clouds make for better sunsets but this image of the monument speaks for itself, I think we are going to have loads of fun. I am also practicing my Photoshop skills with a tablet, it is so much easier that a mouse…

Santarama Miniland - Pascal Parent

Photo 7 the 2016 Collection I love the derelict because it makes for good photography, but today I found myself ashamed of the derelict, I found myself shameful of being South African. You may think it is the politics of the last few days and you would be wrong in many ways. I was organizing a photo-walk with a challenge, 50mm shallow depth of field, I wanted everyone to have an opportunity to get it right with little effort so the rest was up to creativity. What a better place to do such a…

Understanding depth of field - Pascal Parent

This is the first short tutorial in a series of posts aimed at helping you to understand your camera better, getting more control over your photos and getting off the auto mode. I will try to make these as simple as possible, should you wish to try to do some of these techniques every tutorial finishes with exercises you can do at home with minimal equipment. This post tackles the subject of Depth of Field