Avocado caesar salad

Avocado caesar salad Toss the winter blues with green goodness.

Chilli chocolate vodka

Chilli chocolate vodka - Chilli and chocolate make for a clever way of infusing flavour in spirits.

Macaroni cheese

Actually, it's more precise to call this a mac and double-cheese bake since it's made doubly delicious with a blend of sharp cheddar and grated Parmesan.

Prawn, grapefruit

Prawn, grapefruit & avocado salad - Delectably crisp ‘n fresh, it requires no cooking at all!

Chocolate bread pudding

Recipe as cook by Team Smokey and the Bandit`s during the Auditions of Ultimate Braai Master Season 3

Green risoni salad

Green risoni salad - Deliciously healthy and crunchy, and so easy to make!

Frozen pineapple and lime smoothies

Frozen pineapple and lime smoothies