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a close up of a glass vase with flowers on it's side and some other items in the background
Pink Jeweled Vintage perfume bottle
there are many vases with pink flowers in them on the tablecloth, and one is filled with roses
Flower Love
an assortment of colorful glass vases sitting next to each other on a white surface
10.99US $ |H&d 17 Styles Antiqued Style Hand-painted Glass Empty Perfume Containers Home Wedding Decoration Refillable Perfume Bottle Gift - Refillable Bottles - AliExpress
a table topped with lots of pink vases and other decorative items on top of it
A Kindred Spirit
A Kindred Spirit
many different colored bottles with designs on them
there are many different types of perfume bottles
many different colored vases with designs on them and one has a small bird sitting on the top
15.99US $ |H&d 40ml Fancy Empty Refillable Perfume Bottle Retro Frosted Animal Stopper Fragrance Container Home Decor Lady's Gift (8 Kinds) - Refillable Bottles - AliExpress