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digital Health and Wellness is the branch of digital citizenship that focuses on using technology safely and appropriately. In the technological world we live in today our society is becoming dependent on the use of internet. It is becoming increasingly necessary to inform our students and children about the dangers involved with frequent internet use.
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Avoid eye strain on the computer!  These tips will help save your eyes.

These Tips Help Relieve Digital Eye Strain

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Teens spend to much time escaping the real world. People spend hours of sleep on video games

How #Smartphones Are Changing Health Care. | Cómo los smartphones están transformando el cuidado de la salud.

How Smartphones Are Changing Health Care [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Rise Of Mobile Health Management Tools, Smartphones: Smarter Healthcare - Infographic

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome: Do Your Eyes Have It? Here's Help [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to maintain healthy eyes in the Digital Age. (Not mentioned in the infographic, but one app that's most helped my own computer-fatigued eyes is Readability.

#BigData and the future of healthcare #DigitalHealth #infographic

Big Data and the Future of Your Health

Health Infographics - Big Data Infographic Big Data and Healthcare Infographic. Big Data and The Future of Healthcare.

Internet Health Infographic Fitness Infographics

ORMUS Brain Energy Nootropics brain boost focus energy boost brain health

Infographic: Is the Internet Bad for Your Health? The Potential Health Risks Of Spending Too Much Time Online.

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As we are seeing and experiencing, digital health—the convergence of the digital and genomic revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society—is empowering us to better track, manage, and improve our own and our family’s health, live better, more productive lives, and improve society. It’s also helping to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, improve access, reduce costs, increase quality, and make medicine more personalized and precise.

Digital health is the convergence of the digital and genomic revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society.


Patient Centricity & Digital Healthcare Marketing Transformation Infographic

Patient Centricity & Digital Healthcare Marketing Transformation Infographic on Social Media, Mobile, Wearable News & Views curated by Pharma Guy

Digital Health and Wellness is keeping teenagers away from danger of physical and psychological harm. Description from I searched for this on

Digital Health and Wellness. physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world. Eye safety, repetitive stress syndrome, and sound ergonomic practices are issues that need to be addressed in a new technological world.

If you work too long in front of the computer whole day long, soon you will be developing a tunnel vision because your eyes focus very long on the monitor and will start having problems with your pheripheral vision. But it has some solution such as take breaks, get up and look something else for a while.

Serious Health Risks and Problems While Using Computers - Watch Out

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