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The 10 Best Restaurants In Durban, South Africa

Bunny Chow- curry in a half loaf white bread. A Durban city speciality. I love this combination of shrimp and chicken with a very spicy curry, but you can make bunny chow with any curry recipe you wish.

Bunnychow breakfast plate - Bunnychow food truck, London

Forget cereal or bacon and eggs: The hottest new food to tickle the tonsils at the breakfast table is of the decidedly spicy variety. And it’s about as far from oatmeal as you can imagine — a hand-held stew, in fact — and comes with a curious name.

Curry South African Style: Durban's Bunny Chow

One Hearty Curry Recipe, Out of South Africa - Durban's Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow

A half bunny-chow filled with curry from Durban South Africa. Best eaten (drunk) after with your hands and for a added challenge no napkins.