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an image of a map that is made up of many different types of lines and shapes
archisketchbook - architecture-sketchbook, a pool of architecture drawings, models and ideas - drawingarchitecture: Gauthier Durey, ‘Landscape...
four different views of the same area in black and white, each with an individual's own map
Gdansk Central
Gdansk Central on Behance
an aerial view of a city with yellow lines
Star Centre Fawdon site analysis
a diagram showing the various parts of an aircraft that are in flight and on land
Conflict + Contrast | Sam Naylor | Netherlands bathhouse competition | 2016
a drawing of several boxes stacked on top of each other with lines going through them
Toyo Ito sketch
four different types of architecture are shown in this manual for students to learn how to draw
STREET as Corridor or as Place
four different views of the same object in black and white, each with an individual's name on it
slow ottawa on Twitter
Urban and anti-urban forms of enclosure by Léon Krier. Click image to tweet and visit the slowottawa.ca boards >> http://www.pinterest.com/slowottawa/
an image of train tracks and buildings in different directions, with the words'street conditions'above them
Home | CMU School of Architecture
Urban Transect
a black and white drawing of a city map with lots of buildings on it's sides
Un futur High Street per Neil Michels, Studio 7, Sheffield Escola d'Arquitectura Tumblr
an aerial view of a city with lots of red lines on the buildings and streets
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