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Turn tin cans into mini stoves.

DIY Ideas With Old Tin Cans - Tin Can Portable Rocket Stove - Rustic Farmhouse Decor Tutorials and Projects Made With An Old Tin Can - Easy Vintage Shelving, Wall Art, Picture Frames and Home Decor for Kitchen, Living Room and Bathroom - Creative Country

Propane Tank Aluminium Smelter (No Weld).

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Scythe parts

European Style Scythe- mowing and clearing grass and pastures without fossil fuels, loud machines, or high speed rocks!

Why every permaculturist should own a scythe | Permaculture magazine

What does a scythe mean to you? A quaint antiquity? A barn decoration? The tool of the Grim Reaper? In fact, argues Paul Kingsnorth, no self-respecting permaculturist should be without this most useful and practical of tools.

Koedoe Rd to Angvick Rd, Centurion, 0185 - Google Maps

Koedoe Rd to Angvick Rd, Centurion, 0185 - Google Maps