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Shark Kill Series (by Johan Botha)

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Watch this powerful film, "Hope," which revisits the plight of the critically endangered, mountain gorillas in Rwanda and the team of people who are responsible for their survival.

Stop Animal Cruelty in Kurdistan Region (by Bahari Kurd)

Recycling is essential everywhere, from the coast to the center of a continent. As long as recyclables carelessly discarded, trash will continue to drain into our oceans.

The largest member of the ibis and spoonbill family, the giant ibis stands over a metre tall, weighs and is the national bird of Cambodia. Despite this, fewer than 230 pairs remain.

Investigators infiltrate the dog and cat meat mafia in China (by Animal Equity)

Four new ozone-destroying gases found sneaking around the stratosphere (by Amelia Urry)

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[Video] This will make you rethink animal experiments! (by Animal Aid)

[Video] Man Caught On Camera Beating Dog Gets Exactly What He Deserves (by Dominic Kelly)

Denmark bans halal and kosher slaughter as minister says ‘animal rights come before religion’ - Europe - World - The Independent