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DIY Curtain Rods from Galvanized Plumbing Parts

Hang a waterproof curtain or something to keep rain from blowing in! A tutorial on how to make curtain rods from galvanized plumbing parts/ can Skye make these for around the water heater , closet and across the window nook ?

Hang a basket under your desk to keep cords off the floor (away from legs, vacuums, etc). It also looks better. | Community Post: 20 Creative Office Hacks That Will Improve Your Working Environment.

Power Strip & Cord Storage Keep your power strips off the floor and out of view by hanging a wire basket under your desk. This is also a great solution for short cords that don’t reach the top of your desk without an extension, like a phone charger.

Olivia Wilde coat

Actress Olivia Wilde is spotted wearing a heavy woollen poncho on set of the new movie "The Longest Week" in Central Park with Jason Bateman. The two enjoy playing a pair of love birds as they hug and share laughs on camera.