Children are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically fed through imaginative play, outdoors and fresh air, free time – yes, even some bored time – so they can develop skills to use it wisely.  Read "Are we starving the souls of our children?"

The Ways We Are Starving The Hearts Of Our Own Children

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The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

Infographic - Obsessed with Social Media

Bullying, sleep deprivation, and relationship stress are just a few of the dangers of spending too much time online. This infographic shows some surprising statistics on the toll the internet has taken on our health and how much worse things could be in the future.

Infographic: Is the Internet Bad for Your Health? The Potential Health Risks Of Spending Too Much Time Online.

Are you an Internet adict?

Paints and interesting picture - data is from the UK; I wonder if the info is any different for the US? Generation of Internet Addicts Infographic

Donny Deutsch, the former adman and talk show host, once recounted a story about a Mitsubishi Super Bowl ad that was tagged with the URL The ad got 600,000 c...

Social Media Marketing By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In 2008 China declared Internet Addiction to be a clinical disorder, saying it's a top health threat to its teenagers. Watch this 7 minute video to see what they are doing about it in China.

How China deals with Internet-addicted teens is kind of shocking. And maybe a good idea?

How China deals with Internet-addicted teens is kind of shocking.

Interesting #infographic that survey's the lifestyle priorities for men and women that have an internet addiction.

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Internet Addiction Infographic: Too much time on the internet could change the structure of your brain #InternetAddiction #homeschool

The Rise of Internet Addiction [Infographic] - The Wired Homeschool

Facebook Psychology & Internet Addiction -

In the U. will mark Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) as a 'real' disorder - it will be included in the DSM-V.

The effects of Internet addiction

How much time is too much when it comes to teens and the internet? This infographic walks through the signs, symptoms and forms of healthy restrictions set to help frequent internet addiction.

Internet companies are learning what the tobacco industry has long known -- addiction is good for business. #internetaddiction #homeschool

Exploiting the Neuroscience of Internet Addiction

We now believe that the compulsion to continually check email, stock prices, and sporting scores on smartphones is driven in some cases by dopamine releases that occur in anticipation of receiving good news.

An Intro to Integrated Treatment: Cohesive Mental Health and Addiction Care for Dual Disorders

Mental illness and substance abuse go in hand-in-hand for many. Learn how integrated treatment works, and why it might be right for you or a loved one.

The Growing Dilemma Of Internet Addiction Disorder Infographic

Internet addiction essay in easy words in sign Essay title format mla line. Personal development plan uk essay data Personal development plan uk essay data emotional and behavioral disorders.

When heavy Internet users go offline, they undergo withdrawal symptoms similar to those experienced by drug users.

Study: Internet Addicts Suffer Withdrawal Symptoms Like Drug Users

China’s aggressive new censorship weapon can cripple your website

Are there similar brain effects in people who have alcoholism and those who have internet gaming disorder?

Are There Similar Brain Effects In Alcoholism And Internet Gaming Disorder?

Internet addiction is on the rise worldwide, especially among youths. #InternetAddiction #Homeschool @TheHomeScholar

Internet addiction is on the rise worldwide, especially among youths.