What a great idea!

Dotz helps identify your cords.a little OCD but a good idea if you have time to worry about it when connecting them!

Avoid eye strain on the computer!  These tips will help save your eyes.

These Tips Help Relieve Digital Eye Strain

Computer Eyegonomics: these tips help relieve digital eye strain

Awesome: Tape Dispenser

Cassette Tape, Scotch Tape Dispenser Black by Jamie and Mark Antoniades


Now this is a unique office design! A section of an old Hungarian bus converted in to a tiny office! Old Hungarian Ikarus Bus Turned into a Creative Office : Old Hungarian Bus Turn An Office 001

Sitting is killing you.  A designer created a chair to minimize damage to your body.

An Ergonomic Chair for Schoolchildren

Ray, an ergonomic classroom furniture series designed by Simon Dennehy of Perch

What a calming home/virtual office!

Long Contemporary Home Office Desk Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas

Microsoft's Vienna office combines work with staycation fun. Themed conference rooms include a hunting lodge space and ocean expanse. (Designer: Innocad Architektur)

World's 20 Coolest Offices

An inspiring workspace by INNOCAD ~Imagine working in a place where you could SLIDE between floors, rearrange big soft furniture cubes, walk through a screen of hanging chains, bask in lots of natural light and enjoy a living green wall!

Autodesk AEC Headquarters by KlingStubbins

Focal Locus Workstation ... ooo!

Focal Locus Workstation

Locus Workstation - Focal Upright Furniture has put a new spin on the work desk with its Locus Workstation. This desk consists of two pieces: an adjustable seat and fo.

Office - Tech Cubicles

Citizen Office: An Elegant And Modern Office Interior Design Concept

Love to have a meeting here!

Kazan Yandex Office / Za Bor Architects: Raum im Raum für Besprechungen

Would you get distracted by the ceiling? We would!

Cool ceiling and office space Assemble Studio - Melbourne

Check Out These 'Awesome' Places to Work!

5 Social Media mistakes you’ll want to avoid shares some common mistakes people make when implementing a social media strategy for their business.

3 signs your 'amazing' company culture actually sucks

3 Signs Your 'Amazing' Company Culture Actually Sucks

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New post from guest blogger Michelle Kowalchuk: "Organizational Charts: We've been doing it all wrong."

Organimi is like the coffee sleeve invention for business - a simple idea we all wish we invented: an organizational chart to get to know your team.