Oratile Mabusela

Oratile Mabusela

Oratile Mabusela
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You Know What’s Really Sexy?

bringin' sexy back [QUOTE, Woman: 'You know what's really powerfully sexy.she is.' / Courtney E.

True alphas don't feel threatened by anyone or anything.

Yep I'm talking to you Bitch! You will always be compared to me! And you will never measure up that's why he still tells me " I am always he best forever at everything and not to ever second guess it"

Ladies, don't think "these exercises are for men" just because a man is drawn on them. These will work for you perfectly fine too!

Bodyweight Exercises Chart - detailed chart with illustrations showing possible bodyweight exercises for use with a fitness plan or total body workout. Great for weight loss without a gym.