Ann Van Vuuren

Ann Van Vuuren

Ann Van Vuuren
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8 Ideas for How to Use Almond Pulp After Making Almond Milk: Almond Energy Balls, Almond Crackers, Almond Hummus, Almond Cake, etc.

Aquafaba Recipe: the Ultimate Egg White Replacement?

Aquafaba is a vegan egg substitute that works extremely well as a mimicker of egg, egg yolk and egg white.

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Garam masala - Dr. Axe

Garam Masala: The Ultimate Spice for Immune System & Digestive Health - Dr.

The glycemic index and glycemic load chart with high and low glycemic foods.

Low glycemic index foods Glycemic Index and Load Chart Infographic "The Truth about the Glycemic Load – Tells You How Much Carb (Sugar) Your Food Actually Contains (Whereas the Glycemic Index Only Measures the Effect of Glucose on You