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a white and blue frame with the words der is gimm macht sa swart, of der follgt in dei opp
a purple and white frame with a quote from the book as it net kin sat, it moat, i don't
a blue and white frame with the words tru net omit jild, se be
some daisies in the grass with words on it that say, bloommen bloee as se de romte krije
a pink sign with white hearts on it that says, i teker koese princesse
Tekstbord Lekker koese prinseske - Fries / Frysk
Lekker slapen prinsesje
a blue background with the words,'los fan us siame, us grapes, us nofike karaoke en dat
a black and white poster with words written in different languages, including the word's name
Afûk WebsjopFriese kaarten en posters voor alle gelegenheden – Afûk Websjop
Product categories Fryske kaarten » Afûk Websjop
a wooden fence with a sign that says hike tigh hun fest stromie
Goed wykein! 😄#frysk #fryskopedyk #leafwêze
a pattern with giraffes and words that say, lampke on lampke out
the words are written in black and white on a square frame with leaves around it
Te let
an autumn poster with animals and leaves
heit&mem » Printables: Tema hjerst
Printables: Tema hjerst » Heit & Mem
an autumn tree with leaves and numbers on it
a blue and white sign with red hearts on it that says, if i have der net foar keazn om frysk te we
a sign that is on the side of a wall in front of a door with words written below it
the wykein logo is shown on a black background
Bijna weekend!
a plaque with flowers on it that says, this is the sixth genach omen to
uilebord uilenbord uileborden uilenborden Batema Batema Damwoude uileborden /uilenborden voor volledig friese kunststof uilenborden voor goedkope uilenborden de laagste prijs. neem gerust contact met ons op via deze site.voor onze goedkope prijzen eventueel incl monteren of bel 0610-339469
the words are written in different languages and have pictures of chickens on them, as well as an image of a chicken
Fries gedichtje over kip
a sign with a black dog on it that says think om'e honn
a poem written in german on a white background with colorful squares and bicycles around it
two people are shaking hands in the snow near a body of water with an empty speech bubble above them
It kin net
a blue and white sign that says as it reint yn september, wurd it kryst yn desimber
the words are written in black and white
Fries: doe maar gek, je bent al gewoon genoeg
a blue and white plate with the words doch don't plight en it're lui rabe
Frysk (Fries gezegde) NL: "Doe je plicht ! en laat mensen maar roddelen !" ~ Do your duty and let people talk ~
a blue and white frame with the words it is sattif, krett as
Sneeuw in de drek geeft drie dagen een harde dijk (drek dat achterblijft als het eb is)
two people holding hands with the words te amare hasta el final
Liefdevol Friesland
a red and white poster with the words fryslan is it moaiste lan fan d'erde no sa
Voor mijn lieve zus in de hemel....... Wisdom, To Tell, Sad, Heaven
Voor mijn lieve zus in de hemel.......