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Simple Rolling Green Hills Watercolor Tutorial
In this video I am trying to will warmer weather into existence. This is a fun layering project that's perfect for beginners. The supplies I used in this video are my Unicorn Food Crave palette, my size 4 quill brush, and my watercolor journal. All of which can be found on my website!
a drawing of a horse with a crown on its head
115 Ear Tattoo Ideas To Give You A Unique Look
a pencil drawing of a rabbit's face
30 Altoids Tins Revived With Tiny Paintings Of Landscapes And Cityscapes By An Ohio-Based Artist
Who could have thought that simple Altoid tins could transform into various useful everyday objects and even masterpieces? In this case, Ohio-based artist Remington Robinson continues to create beautiful mini Plein air paintings. His tiny blank canvas turns into realistic paintings portraying natural and urban landscapes.
What’s your most used brush shape? Sometimes a different brush is all you need to #relaxwithwatercolors. I primarily use the round shape, so for this last relaxing exercise, I decided to use the flat brush. Paint: @holbeinartistmaterials watercolors Paper: @legionpaper cold pressed watercolor block Brush: @winsorandnewton 1/2” flat brush #audreyradesign #paintwithaudrey #watercolorformindfulness #mindfulpainting #relaxingwatercolor #watercolorpainting