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an aerial view of a large house in the middle of a lush green field with lots of trees
A Town Rooted in Preservation
a fountain in front of the st louis capitol building
Meet History in St. Louis
the inside of a restaurant with tables, stools and artwork on the wall behind it
Meet History in St. Louis
a light hanging from the ceiling in a building with intricate designs on it's walls
Meet History in St. Louis
a large glass building sitting in the middle of a park
Meet History in St. Louis
a red brick building with green shutters on the windows and trees in blooming
3 Keys to Selecting Color for Curb Appeal
Exterior colors are important! Don’t forget these 3 key considerations before you go out and surround yourself with rainbow-colored swatch cards. #shutters #exteriordesign #yellowshutters #curbappeal
the sign for mountain lakes, located in the national and state registers of historic places
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Plaque in bronze from Erie Landmark Co.
a row of houses on the side of a street with stairs leading up to them
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Don't buy a row house if you can’t play nice with others. Few things are as pleasing, or more neighborhood-defining, as an unbroken row of façades. When one is so changed, the street- scape is scarred.
a large red brick house sitting on top of a lush green field next to trees
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Baltimore’s in-city suburb of Guilford is an elegant, well-planned community of standout old houses.
a living room with a fire place and bookshelves
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3 Steps for Tiling a Fireplace
a white and green house with lots of trees on the front porch, surrounded by greenery
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Historic Camps: Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania
a wooden table sitting under a chandelier in a living room next to a stair case
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A New Bungalow with Authentic Details: Architect Michael Klement designs a Craftsman bungalow in Michigan that pays homage to the past while affording the creature comforts of today.
a house with flowers in the front yard
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Craftsman and Spanish house styles reign in San Diego’s historic Mission Hills neighborhood.
a red house surrounded by greenery and flowers in the front yard with steps leading up to it
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The Ladd's Addition neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, harbors a wealth of Arts & Crafts-era houses.