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a bed with white sheets and pillows on it
DIY Grain Sack and Ticking Stripe Pillows
DIY Grain sack and ticking stripe pillows #sewing #sewingtutorial #diy #farmhousedecor #farmhouseonboone #farmhousestyle #farmhousebedroom #handmade
the 25 diy grain sack projects are great for decorating with old furniture and other items
Farmhouse Friday #13 – Grain Sacks, Feed Bags and Burlap Bags
Grain Sacks, Feed Bags and Burlap Bags Projectsvia Knick of Time at
a dining room table with chairs and a bench in front of the window that is open
Vintage French Soul ~ Más (Outdoor Wood Chairs)
two chairs sitting next to each other in front of a wooden armoire and door
O rústico estilizando a decoração!
O rústico estilizando a decoração!por Depósito Santa Mariah
a person is laying on the floor with their feet in the air and shadows from them
Seriously?! -- Vinegar works as a wood stain when you add a metal object in the mix and let it sit in a glass container for a week. A handful of pennies will produce a beautiful pale Caribbean blue stain. A wad of steel wool will give you a rich reddish hue. A combination of tea and a metal object in vinegar will produce a black stain. Log this away for later.
two chairs and a table with flowers on it in front of a large framed mirror
an entry way with pictures on the wall
Ideas para decorar interiores en color taupe
Just love these corbals!
an old ladder is used as a shelf to display plants and other things on the wall
Our boxwood wreaths on ribbon add the perfect touch of green to any decor. I love the way they loo...
the numbers are black and white with different font styles on them, including one for each letter
French Grain Sack Chair Upholstry Tutorial (Cedar Hill Farmhouse)
French Grain Sack Chair Upholstry Tutorial (via )
four white chairs sitting in front of a mirror
French Grain Sack Chair Upholstry Tutorial - Cedar Hill Farmhouse
I just adore these chairs, love that none of the stenciling are the same
three stools are lined up in front of a table
DIY French Grain Sack Bar Stools - Love this idea, use burlap and stencil yourself... > I love this idea; my mom had gorgeous cream color seats on her kitchen stools; which no matter how careful we were always seemed to get soiled, one way or another. I might just have to do this on them....?!
a lamp sitting on top of a wooden table next to a quilted wall hanging
Vintage Inspiration #81 Looks like Spring
Feed sack lamp