a' La Mode Bracelets Collection

“a' La Mode Bracelets Collection” offer a mixture of free-styling combinations of silver plated bracelets, bangles with beads, charms and pendants. They have a Similar Look and Feel to Pandora Bracelets regarding quality, size, weight, design and fitment of charms at the price that, You can now afford. We invite you to create, mix and style your own bracelet/bangle with our exquisite beads, charms and pendants that express you.… Make a unique piece for you and your loved one!
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AURA… In Greek mythology, Aura was the Titan of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of early morning. But at odds with her peaceful, well, aura, the mythological Aura is a tragic figure, ultimately transformed into a fountain by Zeus.

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XANTHE… This exotic name, which is derived from the Greek word for the color yellow. A Homeric epithet of Demeter (Greek Goddess of the underworld), Xanthe, which arose as a name for a blonde, conjures up an image of an exotic, other-worldly being.

MELANIA… Saint Melania was an heiress who freed thousands of slaves. Hence we relate the open cuffed bangle representing new beginnings.

LUNA… Is a strong but shimmery moonstruck name. The name of the Roman lovegod goddess of the moon.

ERIS …. The goddess of strife and discord, turned fairy tale and then popular culture figure Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty. Ironic, as her name sounds so much like that of Eros, the god of love.

AMORET…. Amoret... was brought up in the paradise garden of fertility by Venus, the Goddess of Love, who bestowed many virtues upon her. She has a face of angelic beauty and an eternal soul."

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