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a poem for dad that is written in blue roses and the words, my dad
A grieving daughter....A part of me died with you that day
a woman with a tattoo on her shoulder that reads real bad girls and has a heart
Dead Dads Club: Stories of Love, Loss, and Healing by Daughters Who Have Lost Their Dads.
the ten ways to pray when you can't pray, with an image of clouds in
10 Ways to Pray When You Can't Pray | Satisfaction Through Christ
10 Ways to Pray When You Can't Pray | SatisfactionThroughChrist.com | As Christians, we don't have it all together and sometimes our prayer life is affected by the circumstances of life. But, we must remember the importance and power of prayer. Here are 10 practical ways to pray when you feel like you can't.
a poem written in cursive writing on a piece of paper with an image of a plant
an instagram photo with the words my mind is still having trouble wrapping itself around the fact that you're gone
HodgePodgeDays Blog
I still can't believe my father is gone.
a person standing in the rain with a quote above it that says, do not judge you
A Thought for Fellow Grievers: A Picture Says a 1000 Words
Do not judge.
a poem written in red ink on white paper with the words, no two people give the same way and what people need to
No grief timeline.
a pink background with a quote from the book,'girl is the last act of love we have to give to those we loved, where there is deep
Encouraging #Quotes, #Grief, Bereavement Walker Funeral Home Cincinnati, OH www.herbwalker.com
a black and white photo with a poem written in the dark on top of it
It hurts because it matters. It's important.