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O'Brien Greyling

O'Brien Greyling
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27 Beautiful Résumé Designs You'll Want To Steal

I don't need a resume anymore but I love this design for other things! :-) 27 Beautiful Résumé Designs You'll Want To Steal // grid / layout inspiration /

Like the heading long story short and I think I dont...  Hyphens - designer?!?!

I really like the layout of this design. I like the "long story short" section. I've seen several different resumes with this kind of design. I like the picture in a circle as well.

Minecraft shoes/ canvas/ creeper/ slipon/big boys/ teenage boys/ custom painted shoes/ baby shoes/ toddler shoes/ kids shoes

Minecraft / Creeper Kids Custom Shoes by OddlyIndie , minecraft shoes, Minecraft Shoes by ectomurf , Toddler Boys Size 9 Mine.

Hand Painted Shoes inspired by Doctor Who for Men,Women and Children. $70.00, via Etsy. waaaaaannnnnntttttt!!!

These are beyond fantastic! Doctor Who inspired shoes! Hand Painted Shoes Inspired by Time Lords for Women and Children ON SALE


17 Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces.I shall never look at my shoelaces the same. Just remember that the way the shoes come laced up isn't passé, it's just 1 of 17 ways to tie your shoelaces.

Everyday Magic!  "Unda Wata Man's Shoes" by Tosha Grantham (Translation: "Shoes for Walking in a Parallel Universe")

Hoodoo Magick Rootwork Unda Wata Man’s Shoes (Shoes for Walking in a Parallel Universe), by Tosha Grantham.

Timeless Sneakers icon set by Naomi Kim

A Quick History Lesson: Timeless sneakers. A simple infographic that summarizes the most iconic sneakers of recent years.