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A no-fuss recycled windowsill herb garden. Self-watering planters like these aren’t a new idea. This version looks nice & works great for small herbs and plants. Empty beer bottles or make a larger garden with wine bottles.

Monkey orchids (Dracula Simia) from the Peruvian cloud forests -- altitude of 1000-2000 meters

These amazing monkey face orchids are usually secretively hidden nearly metres above eye-level in the cloud forests of south-eastern Ecuadorian and Peruvian. But Eeerkia Schulz, a amateur photographer and enthusiastic flowers collector has […]

Orchid  Panama, Annie Klessig  ♥ ♥

Telipogon hausmannianus orchid at Finca Dracula. Finca Dracula is named in the honour of the rare 'Dracula' genus of orchids, and has one of the largest collections of rare orchids in the world

rare orchids pictures | Rare Orchid Hybrid Seedling Psychopsis Kalihi | eBay

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