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the color scheme is blue and gray, with trees in the background that are reflected in the water
Color Palette: Icy Greens w Hex Codes
an architectural drawing shows the interior and exterior of a building with metal screens on each side
Max Dudler . The Museum of the 20th Century . Berlin (18)
the inside of a building with an open staircase
Gallery of Bioclimatic and Biophilic Boarding House / Andyrahman Architect - 5
the interior of a building with perfored walls and concrete benches on either side
the table and chairs are in front of an abstract wall made out of concrete blocks
Welcome to blog
an empty room with white walls and metal mesh covering the ceiling, in front of a door
Inszenierte Kaverne - Dolmus Architekten sanieren Lift bei Luzern
a white wall with holes in it next to some steps and a clock on the wall
Social Housing in Palma by RipollTizon
Social Housing in Palma by Ripolltizon
a collection of different colored tiles on a white surface, including one for the floor and one for the wall
Biscuit - Stone Source
Biscuit - Stone Source
an open door on the side of a building with concrete walls and doors leading to another room
Gallery of 8 Dwellings in Gracia / Raimon Farré Moretó - 17
the wall is made up of white and grey marble blocks with black lettering that reads salvaton
Lissoni & Partners | Piero Lissoni | Milan | New York
an abstractly designed wall made out of blue plastic bricks and metal bars, in front of a building at night
AU Office and Exhibition Space / Archi Union Architects
AU Office and Exhibition Space / Archi Union Architects Inc
a large brick wall that is made out of bricks and has gold foil on it
de Schicht // metselwerk met strijklicht
de Schicht // metselwerk met strijklicht | by Steven van der Goes architecten bna