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High notes and low notes are both impressive, but what do you do if your middle notes are weak? In Vocal Article #55, NYVC's Andrea Grody shares her training tips on how to strengthen your core: the middle voice! Enjoy Vocal Articles! www.VocalArticles.com

Everyone is always worried about the ldquomoney notesrdquo: the high notes in a song. Low and middle notes deserve much more lo

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50 - "Setting SMART Goals" - Vocal Articles

But what you want is different from what your best friend might want, even if it is the very same goal.

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Now that the audition is over and you have done some analyzing in your notebook, time to let it go. There is no bigger mental energy killer than obsessing about

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51 - "Signs that you might be vocally fatigued" - Vocal Articles

#57 - Internal Dictates External

Stomach in or stomach out? Breathing is complex AND simple, as David McCall, NYVC's Head of Vocal Development, explores in Vocal Article Internal Dictates E

#56 - Transform Your Struggle Into Your Strength

I teach a Musical Theater Audition class at New York Vocal Coaching for a group of very eager, talented performers in which I give useful information, helpful h

Tired of vocal fatigue after a night out? Protect your voice with the tips offered in Vocal Article #53 from the Head of New York Speech Coaching, John West. Enjoy Vocal Articles! www.VocalArticles.com

How to speak loudly in a noisy environment