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Curtains can change the whole look of your interiors. But they need proper care, cleaning and maintenance as well. There are different cleaning methods for different types of curtains.


The early sun was warm on my bare neck. Piercing through the yellow linen curtain, it made the room appear dystopian like. A cactus sat idly on the floor, casting shadows over the wood and more. I …

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Snippet 1 A winter’s night drew closer beyond the horizon. Odle had never experienced such a forceful climatic shift before. With him it was something of a mismatch comparing the hot summers …

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Ever looked up to the sky and wondered what’s up there? Of course I know there’s a lot of stars and planets, and that moon and his buddy the sun. But, like have you ever asked yourself …

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A Testimony to My Life

ONE A testimony to my life as I trace back the dream that never was but, always was the mistress of my temple, the shoulder to my bone and the piston in my drive. STILL; bones break and pistons ero…

We will have to fight hard at love for now, but not for long. Hold that hope close as you love the hard to love.

Boxed In

It was the middle of winter: howling winds coupled with a heavy inclement of blustery cold and frigid arctic snow was all they had. For weeks without an end the air did nothing but, threaten any ch…

Conversations: Heads against the wall Clap Back, Making A Movie, She Likes, Light Skin, Her Smile, Call Her, Conversation, Poetry, Wall

Conversations: Heads against the wall

Rudi na Katawa had been at each other’s throats for the better part of 3 weeks now. It was about to reach boiling point and Rudi knew he would have to pull something out of his arse if he wan…

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Déjà vu

You ever had that déjà vu feeling? Like you wake up one morning and you stare into the mirror, straight through your face; you wonder. Or you sitting at work and suddenly your reflection pierces ba…

“It was dark. My vision impaired by those irritating strobe lights. All I could make out were grey body-like objects bobbing and weaving. My feet wobbled as I tried to make my way out of this… Strobing, I Tried, My Way, Making Out, Weaving, Objects, Poetry, Felt, Feltro

In the Heat of Darkness

“It was dark. My vision impaired by those irritating strobe lights. All I could make out were grey body-like objects bobbing and weaving. My feet wobbled as I tried to make my way out of this…

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I never knew that I could know as much as I know her now. Weeks have passed and I am yet to make an official vow. It was luck of the tinder that brought us together. What I saw in her is a mystery …

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My mind woke up in a fit the other night. The days had been long and monotone as most weekends were. I wondered about the images that flashed in my sleep as I took the short walk to the kitchen. It…

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Conversations: A Code of Friendship

Maeve and Azumi have been living together in a beautiful uptown loft for almost four years. They’ve been close friends ever since they met each other at a party in their early university year…

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Blood Rush: Tendi & Farai

Hands shaking dripping with blood, heart racing, heavy perspiration; his breathing was uneasy and he could almost choke on his own thoughts: What had he done? A lifeless body lay in the middle of t…

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Wet Dream

What are you? I closed my eyes. Yet I feared the dark. The things of this world truly know how to grip our emotions apart. A perfume smell lingered in the air; burnt vinegar and dash of white-rose …