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Tunika - (Elegance Pants / Hose / Pantolon - H&M Shoes / Schuhe / Ayakkabilar - Primark Bag / Tasche / Canta - Primark Tolle Auswahl bei divafashion.

Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats.

I've rarely listened to the radio this week while driving. and tonight of all nights I chose to listen. and wouldn't you know it every song is ours. Why are we on each other's minds so heavily?

Having big thunder thighs is tough. Like arm flab, there seems to be too much everywhere and you have a lot of trouble trying to get rid of it – some times, nothing works! Almost every woman I know at some point in their lives complains about their thighs and the only solution sometimes seem to be cosmetic …

The lovely ladies at SkinnyMom have provided another great workout list to carve sexy thighs. They’ve included 20 strategic moves for tightening and shaping. But if you have too little time to hit …