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[Not sure I've ever seen a dress quite this unflattering. Why would you wear such a thing?]

The Envious Colourful Agbada Style For Slaying - MOMO AFRICA

The Agbada style has become regular attire for men and women for special events like weddings. There was a time this outfit was religiously considered as a male affair but all that has changed over the years. We have see women look dashingly beautiful on this three piece outfit. When we find people with Agbada, […]

How to Stylishly Dress Your Kids For Events - MOMO AFRICA

Before I begin, I would like to open this topic with the couples. As we all know, most couples usually wear matching clothes or attires and this is a beautiful way to display affection for each other in their relationship. Just this simple act has the ability of making their outing events, activities, pictures and […]

Zulu traditional #Class #Luxury #Elegance #Opulence #OMStyleAvenueBride

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