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Oil stains disappear like magic🤩
This method is my go-to for removing both old and fresh oil stains on your favourite clothing! This week my daughter put her lipbalm through the dryer and it left oil marks on all our clothes 🙃 so this method has been our saviour this week!
a bottle of dawn insect repellent next to an image of a bed bug
Such a gorgeous way to clean washing machine🥰 How about you 🤗♥️
How to Wash Pillows
Natural laundry detergent
the text is written in black and white
a text message that reads, never ever scrub your bath tub again my couch told me about this and i still thought that no scrubs why you do
Pin by Nancy Green on cleaning hacks | Diy cleaning solution, Diy cleaning products, Cleaning hacks
5 cleaning gadgets you cannot live without!
six non - toxic cookware swaps
Six easy non-toxic kitchen swaps