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a poem written in black and white with the words rhyming riddles on it
All About Rhyming {freebies included}
Free rhyming activity - solve the rhyme riddle plus tons of other fun rhyming activities for preschool and kindergarten.
a stack of books with the words sight word scavenger hunt
Literacy Snack Idea Bear and Sandwich - Primary Playground
Literacy Snack Idea Bear and Sandwich + Free Printable - Primary Playground
the roll and read worksheet for children to practice their reading skills with dices
Spring Math and Literacy Packet (Kindergarten)
Roll and Read a sight word. Such a FUN and effective way to practice sight word fluency
a poster with the words or word work in english and spanish, including an image of a
Phonics Poster – or Words 1
or phonic poster
a cow's head with the words in red and white on it, which are also
Physical education Phonics Brain breaks Education Brain breaks
an orange and white poster with the words o r in different languages, including flowers
two pictures of birds with words to match them
LABEL WRITING KINDERGARTEN unit - easy to download and use in centers or at home
AUGUST THEMED LABELING UNIT for Kindergarten writing curriculum – how to label a picture – labeling – phonological awareness activities – concepts about print. How to teach reading and writing in kindergarten – back to school literacy ideas – early elementary labeling unit – how to label a picture #kindergarten #kindergartenwriting
a printable worksheet with words and pictures on it
Simple Science: Will it Sink or Float?
Simple Science: Will it Sink or Float? - The Chirping Moms
worksheet for reading the cow
a hand is holding four cards with words on them
Teaching the Silent e Rule • Tickled Pink in Primary
When introducing silent e (as I call it), I told students that silent e had to remain quiet. He gets mad that he can’t talk, so he pinches the vowel and makes it say its name. I loved using BrainPop Jr. to introduce lessons and was happy to see they had one for teaching silent …
worksheet for beginning and ending sounds with pictures to print out, including the words what is the middle sound?
the matching capital and lowercase letters worksheet for pumpkin themed letter recognitions
October Math and Literacy Pack - FREEBIES — Keeping My Kiddo Busy
ALPHABET pumpkin matching - kindergarten worksheet matching capital and lowercase #alphabet #kindergarten #pumpkins
word family garden craft for kids with flowers and words on the paper cut out to make it
Word Family Garden Activity
Word Family Garden. Crafty word family activity for kids.
reading and writing practice for kids with freebies
the rhying words match worksheet is shown in black and white, which includes
*FREE* Rhyming Words Match
Rhyming Words Match: Help your child identify words that rhyme with this rhyming pictures printable worksheet. Learning the concept of rhyming words will enhance your child's phonics awareness.
the double song for children to read
Tweet Resources
The Doubles Song by Tweet Resources. This is an IMAGE ONLY of a simple song you can sing with your students to help them remember their doubles.
an ice cream cone worksheet for kids to learn how to write and color
Ordinal Numbers Worksheet 2 Worksheets
Ordinal Numbers Worksheet. Hi-lite ordinal numbers and colors so that kids can focus in on those words.
three alligator paper cutouts with the words free and greater than one is equal to another
Alligator greater than, less than printables
These alligator great than, less than printables are wonderful for comparing numbers!
the dominoes are arranged on top of each other in order to make them look like they were made out of paper
the worksheet for making new words short e words with pictures and writing practice
Winter Math and Literacy Packet (Kindergarten)!
Make new words by changing the beginning sound!
the printable worksheet for reading and color
Spring Math and Literacy Packet (Kindergarten)
Read and Color! Read the SIMPLE sentence and color correctly!:
two reading worksheets with the words let's read and draw
a poster with the words how to help kids stop mixing up b and d on it
8 Ways to stop b and d letter reversals
These free printable b d posters are perfect for helping kids who struggle with b d reversal. The post also has 8 strategies for helping kids with letter reversals!
the worksheet for going to the market is filled with words and pictures, including fruits
going to the zoo
going to the zoo
the printable worksheet for reading and color
Spring Math and Literacy Packet (Kindergarten)
Read and Color! Read the SIMPLE sentence and color correctly!:
a printable worksheet for students to practice self awareness
7 Hacks for Parent Teacher Conferences
FREE Parent Teacher Conference forms that will help yours be successful! It's all about being planned and prepared! These FREE forms will help!