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Health benefits of walking! Add ankle weights and you can get a similar benefit as running.

Walk to Better Health! My health & fitness journey began with daily walks, giving me the energy, stamina & motivation to get in shape & stay fit. Going for that exercise walk was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

How can we be proactive about keeping our mental health…well…healthy? You are either struggling with your mental health right now or know somebody who is. It’s a tough thing to face and also a tough thing to watch someone go through.

In an interview about how to destigmatize mental health, Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig quoted a statistic stating, “Mental health disorders…Continue Reading

14 scientific tricks_to_beat_stress_anxiety_fear

stress could also be filed by anxiety and fear so, this pin helps cope with that to maybe also relive your stress. 14 scientific tricks_to_beat_stress_anxiety_fear

Text neck: It’s real, and it hurts. |

Just ask your neck, shoulders and back. But with a few adjustments, you won't have to give up emojis or binge-watching. See if your go-to position is a doctor's worst nightmare—and how to fix it for fewer aches and pains.