nothando mthalane

nothando mthalane

nothando mthalane
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Too cute

Magan he Danai Manga XD I hope one day I get a guy like her 😁 it's so cute

Magan&Danai This is like me and my girlfriend in the morning. She takes hrs to get ready and me like 15 hahah.

I can't express just how accurate this is.... Mental health needs to be talked about more.

i am all/// I dont really agree with the crying ones. If you don't cry, you're just afraid to show emotion or you show pain a different way and the other one is that you just have a lot of feelings. I can relate to the other ones tho

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Texas Tommy Hot Dogs, three things i love: bacon, cheese, and hot dogs. Well I don't like hot dogs. But I would love these hot dogs!

Authentic french crepes recipe as you will eat in Paris. Thin, crispy, easy to make and fill with anything you like such as jam,

Ingredients 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon white sugar 2 cups milk 3 eggs teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons butter melted

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Learn how to make pancakes from scratch with this easy pancake recipe. We've tried them all folks, and this is the perfect pancake recipe for your family.


All except the hufflepuff. I'm a slytherin but hufflepuff isn't an insult<< I am also a fellow Slytherin and found that quite rude. Also, does no one remember Cedric Diggory? He was a Hufflepuff and he was awesome!