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An introduction to survival skills for new preppers and survivalists. If SHTF were to happen, you'll know where to start with this basic prepper training!

Call me crazy, but I LOVED basic training for the Army. If you're new to survival or preparedness, you definitely need to go through some "basic" training. Preparedness is more than just knowledge - it's practice, too!

Hobo Breadsticks.  We make doughboys:  use 1/2 refrigerated biscuit; cook over fire.  Roll in a pie plate of melted butter (put NEXT to the fire) and then roll in cinnamon sugar.  YUM!

Campfire Hobo Breadsticks - Fun and Easy Camping Recipes Ideas for Kids. They will love these - espcially with cinnamon sugar coating or jelly filling Or, for fire pit fun when we have company over.

How to Start a Fire with Sticks -- via

How to Start a Fire with Sticks. If you're camping or hiking and discover you have forgotten the matches, knowing how to start a fire with sticks is a very useful skill. The bow drill and hand drill method are well-established.