Christmas star

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an image of a nativity scene with palm trees and the star of david in the sky
Beautiful Fine Jewelry
Star of Bethlehem Nativity Background Scene
a painting of a city at night with mountains in the background and stars above it
Bethlehem Night Backdrop Rentals | TheatreWorld® Backdrops
an old fashion photo of a woman in a dress and hat sitting on a chair
[Evalyn (Walsh) McLean, 1886-1947, full-length portrait, seated in a chair, wearing long dress and feathered hat]
a group of sheep standing on top of a grass covered field under a bright star
IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER What can I give Him poor as I am? If I were a shepherd I would bring a lamb If I were a wise one I would do my part Yet what can I give Him? I give my heart