Muesli-rusks - similar to Woollies rusks

Muesli Rusks

Easy muesli rusks recipe with raisins, seeds and buttermilk. Learn how to make homestyle muesli rusks from scratch.

Banting Rusks Low-carb is lekker

“LCHF” – Sweet Recipe Archive

Rusk-a-rebels live up to their name as low-carb rusks. Amazing for tea and you don't even notice that they're low-carb.

Yummy South African recipe for Seed and Nut Rusks - enjoy this healthy treat with your coffee or tea.

Saad-en-neutbeskuit (seed and nut rusks) in Beskuit (rusks) South African

Breakfast rusk recipe | Ontbytbeskuit #biscuit

Beskuit en boeretroos is net die ding vir die vroeë oggend.

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