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#wattpad #romance este es un pequeño imagina la cosa esta si tu fuiste abandonada cuando eras bebé vienes de t/n pero te abandonaron en un orfanato en seul corea te criaste con tu amiga llamada sana 15 años después tu ya eras una completa adolescente super desarrollada en eso te dan la noticia de que fuiste adoptado...


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leonardovincent: Leap of faith


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an anime character reading a book with many other characters in the background
a painting of a cat laying on top of a red couch
Popart Kitty, Custom Cat Portraits Oil Paintings Custom Cat Painting, Gifts for Cat Lovers - Etsy Canada
Tabby Kitty Cat Buck lounges on his Pop Art heart, coolly representing this listing for the the CUSTOM oil painting of YOUR pet in the 8x8 size. (Ive been getting more requests for paintings with a Pop Art flair, and also enjoy creating a colorful Pop Art background, as seen in this
a painting of a black and white cat standing on top of a wooden fence with purple flowers in the background
"On the Catwalk" by Dreama Tolle Perry
"On the Catwalk" by Dreama Tolle Perry
a painting of a cat laying on its back with stars and moon in the background
Gabe Leonard, Cowboy, Limited Edition, Canvas
a painting of a cat swimming in the water with lily pads around it and an upside down black cat