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an adobe building with black and white designs on it's walls, next to some steps
a small hut made out of straw with a thatched roof and door on dirt ground next to trees
a white and blue building with a thatched roof in the middle of an open field
an aerial view of houses on the edge of a cliff by the ocean
37 Dream Destinations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List
an old house is reflected in the water
Versailles - Marie Antoinette's Farm
two ducks are swimming in the water near some old buildings and bricked houses on either side
Canterbury Historic River Tours 19-04-2012
an old village with stone buildings next to a stream in the middle of it's countryside
Bibury #1
a woman in a red coat walking down a street next to some flowers and buildings
Cotswolds 2024: All You Need to Know Before You Go - Tripadvisor
an old stone house with a thatched roof and brick walkway leading up to it
Shaftesbury, Dorset
a river running through a small town next to tall brick buildings with windows on each side
Canterbury (Kent)
a boat traveling down a river next to tall brick buildings with windows on each side
Stour River