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fuck a Gemini.... bwahahaha ;)

If we're fucking, you're gonna have to devote some time out of your day to it because I pull out all the stops. If we marry, trust that you WILL have a best friend for life. Get out when you can't handle the mood swings

Hamilton Naki became a self-taught surgeon of such skill that Dr. Christiaan Barnard chose him to assist in the world's first human heart transplant in 1967.  His contribution was kept secret for three decades because he was a black man in apartheid-era South Africa. He acquired his surgical skills through years of silent observation and covert practice at the university's medical school. His skills were so esteemed that the university quietly looked the other way.

Hamilton Naki 1967 performed the first successful heart transplant but credit was given to the white doctor on the team.

HAHAHA not at school but at home sometimes and m mom gets mad lol

HAHAHA not at school but at home sometimes and m mom gets mad lol>>>>>>>im literally the first one on the list

True... If there's a fake vibe or weird feeling I would limit myself...

Yes exactly! This is so true! People think just because you are a Gemini you are always outgoing. That's not always the case. I will only open up if I am comfortable around you and feel I can trust you.