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I'm Taurus

To love like a Taurus is an education, to be loved by a Taurus is a blessing, to love a Taurus is something you'll never forget

I'm Taurus

I outweigh the negative with a positive. When something puts me in a bad mood, I counter it with a thought, of something that is going to put me in a good mood.


I'm watching how ur kids act. I'm watching how u interact with ur kids and ur spouse.

I'm Taurus : Photo

Treat a Taurus like a game and they will show you how it's played


I don't usually do the whole horoscope thing but I am a taurus and that is definitely how I feel.

Taurus #zodiac

The temper of a Taurus is like a freight train, so while it may be hard to get going, it is equally hard to stop.


Taurus- this is the truest one to me ive ever seen. This is so true its not even funny.