Chicken Tikka Masala- I would use Toffutti yogurt instead of dairy products in this recipe, or cashew milk

A classic popular Indian dish that is so full of flavor and so easy to make. This chicken tikka masala is better than take-out and better for you. Used curry powder for fenugreek.

Mealie Braai Bread

Easy, Cheesy Mealie Braai Bread - This was a bit of a flop. Not that there was anything wrong with the recipe, I think! My bread just didn't rise very well and it was still gooey in the center even after baking for an extra half an hour -Nikki

Potjiekos - South Africa [It means "small pot food." As a stew prepared outdoors, made in a 3-leg cast iron pot, the potjie descended from the Dutch oven of the Netherlands to South Africa in the 17th century and is now throughout the homes and villages of South Africa. The pot is heated using small amounts of wood or charcoal ]

Steak & Stout Potjie - Old Style & Favourite South-African Recipes. I need to start using our Potjie by cooking up some good South African Stews!

Oor die kole met Jan Braai | Lamskenkelpotjie

Oor die kole met Jan Braai

A lamb potjie can be made with whole shanks, neck chops or any other pieces marked for stewing. Lamb potjie: www.

Boerewors rolls with a twist. These sausages are better than any other. I love them!

Make a boerewors roll with a twist: add Pronto Mama Original with crispy chips. Great while watching the rugby with an ice-cold beer.

Don't boerewors on a braai seem like a great dinner idea? Mr. Mozzie's has the best quality wors!

How about Boerewor's rolls for dinner tonight, stop off at Bartelsfontein Vleis Sentrum for the very best grade meat.

Resep: Jan Braai se sjerrie-boerewors-rolletjies (sliders) |

Resep: Sjerrie-boerewors-rolletjies (sliders)

Resep: Jan Braai se sjerrie-boerewors-rolletjies (sliders) |

Resep | Jan Braai se steak-en-moutpastei

The Irish have their own version of National Braai Day, called St Patrick’s Day Steak and Stout Beer Potjie Pie

Seafood Potjie - Cape Town Fish Market

Luxury Seafood Potjie Recipe - Cape Town Fish Market - South Africa's Premier Seafood Restaurant - It Doesn't Get Any Fresher

Bunny Chow Sandwich from South Africa

Visitors to South African shores should try these iconic traditional South African foods of Xhosa, Afrikaans and Cape Malay heritage.

Resep | Langafstand-‘toortisserie’-hoender met plomp tjips (Errieda du Toit)

‘Toor’ met stadige hoender

My langafstand hoendertjie met sy aartappel drafmaats. Die ou bruin Lieberman bak het my ma in die sewentigs as ges.