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That I always do!!! I love you baby. Goodnight. I will send my kiss and a goodnight to the moon for you!!! I love you like crazy. I miss you. Goodnight pretty girl. Muah.

Goodnight My Beautiful Blue Eyed Baby Girl Angel 😇 Sleep Sweet, Sweet Dreams Baby Girl 😘 I Love You With All My Heart And Soul! Forever And Always! See you in our dreams ❤️ Goodnight My Love 😍 Yours Truly 🌹 Boo 🌹

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Wall Art, Wood Sign, Love Quote, Quote Sign, Wood Wall Art by Missing you Jill XoxoxoX may you rest in the peaceful arms of your Daddy ♡

We could have been happy. But you just had to mess it up. I love you still. I miss you. I might always miss you. You are the reason that I can't sleep at night.

So if I text you good morning every morning you were the first thing I woke up thinking would get a text message every morning