Nkanyiso Mazibuko

Nkanyiso Mazibuko

Nkanyiso Mazibuko
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handwriting ideas...for bulletin boards and posters

handwriting ideas for bulletin boards and posters.because we always want make our letter look cute but never have anything to copy off of! art journal,Craft Ideas,Crafts and Handmade Gifts,crafty,DIY & Crafts tha

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West are looking super cute together in Paris. Adorbs!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Engaged: All the Details on the Ring and the Romantic Proposal

Apple iCamera Concept

Designed by the Designer Tomas Moyano, the iCamera is apple concept where "You Capture, what you see". Its more efficient and high-tech than iWatch and iPhone / iPhone Watch out for yourself.

This is one drop dead gorgeous #Pagani Huayra. See more cool pictures like this by clicking on the pic! :)

This is one drop dead gorgeous Pagani Huayra. See more cool pictures like this by clicking on the pic!

Today's Drawing Class "How to Draw Hands: Hands look complicated to draw but learn a few little tricks and you'll be drawing like the Masters

fucktonofanatomyreferencesreborn: A wonderous fuck-ton of human hand references. [From various sources]

One of Steve jobs  many dreams before  he died was to create an iCar. In this article he said the  automobile industry in America was a tragedy and his cars would make up 50% of the market. Of course  it would be branded with the Apple symbol therefore grabbing the attention of all the Apple worshipers.

For quite some time now, bits and snippets of the late Steve Jobs’ life has been trickling down the grapevine. Now it seems there was another one and this is the concept of what could have been an automobile designed […