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three different types of ballet shoes with the words,'the practical stretcher '
Get yourself into a "Pretzel" and improve your turnout, dancers! via @The Accidental Artist
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a woman leaning on a wooden table with her arm resting on the top of it
Ballet Stretches for Beginners
Ballet Stretches for Beginners
the legs and ankles of a ballerina in ballet shoes with text that reads long, ballerinaa muscles
Stretch Series for Long Ballerina Muscles: Beginner to Advanced
Workout Videos | Stretch Sequence for Flexibility | Flexibility Tips | Workout Video | Stretch Series | Ballet Inspired Workout | Ballet Stretch Video | Lengthen Muscles | How to get Flexibility
a woman is doing yoga exercises with her feet
Ballet Basics: Common Errors In the Feet
an advertisement for ballet classes with the words ballet hack 2 on it and dancers in black leotards
A hack for ballet with a theraband! Make it convenient by making a smaller one. Foot exercises will help your tendu and much more! Practical exercises with a small theraband.
the back and side view of a woman's body with text that reads, turnout stretches for ballet part 2
Understanding how to rotate is to know the turnout muscles. Click on photo for video and post and learn more! via @The Accidental Artist
a woman wearing a pink leotard and white tights
How to choose a ballet leotard (if you’re an adult ballet beginner) - Adult Ballet Diaries - learning to dance as an adult
How to choose a ballet leotard (if you're an adult ballet beginner)
two women in ballet clothes are dancing together
Everything You Need to Know About Starting Ballet as an Adult
Everything you need to know about starting ballet as an adult... So awesome! Where do I sign up?!
a woman sitting on the floor with her legs crossed
The Last Dancer | Dance Lifestyle Shop & Blog
5 Exercises Adult Ballet Students Should Do Everyday | Ballet for Adults