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Utility Humor

When I was young, I was scared of the dark. Now when I see my electricity bill, I am scared of the lights - - Until I got my Energy Efficient Palm Harbor home! Now I laugh at my electricity bill and show my neighbors!

Lately, I’ve been pinning great quotes and words to live by on Pinterest.  Sometimes, the...

I asked for forgiveness of anything I did said or even thought about yesterday that could hinder anything of today ( and the rest of my days) I was forgiven so today is really a new day that shouldn't involve any parts of yesterday's news.

Personalize the home with quirky wall art that's screaming with character. With a wire hanger, this playful plaque is ready to hang and makes any room feel special. 7.5'' W x 12'' H x 0.5'' DWoodWire hangerImported

Take a look at this 'Five Deadly Terms' is amazing that as a woman it seems like I've always known the meaning of these terms.and yet the men in my life still do not understand their meaning.