Many doctors believe that using apps that keep track of your health will help cut down on doctor visits

Doctors Believe Using Health Apps Will Cut Down on Visits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic: Is mhealth poised to explode? The emerging field of Mobile Health (mHealth) has enabled consumers to use smartphones to answer their own health-related questions. Here's a look at the impact it's having on our culture and well-being.

Infographic: The Growth Of Wearable Technology, The rise of wearable tech

The Growth Of Wearable Technology [Infographic]

Get well, stay well with #mHealth. #health #healthcare #mobile

Get Well, Stay Well with M-health about how mobile communications are transforming healthcare.

The Advent Of Digital Health #digitalhealth #healthtech #health

The Advent Of Digital Health

Infographic mHealth physician use of mobile technology healthIT infographic

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Infographic: Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare via Hitoshi Nakamura Nakamura Ohtsuki Consultant Media