I wish that I could hurdle like this. I have been working as hard as I can, but I have hit a plateau. It has always been my dream to compete in the Olympics. If that is going to happen, I will need to hire a sports performance training company.


You must serve a specific niche in order to survive. Do you know your unique position in the marketplace? Or do you have a generic brand?


British photographer Simon Weller captured some amazing images for his lates book “South African Township Barbershops & Salons” South African barbershops and salons are more than just places where you... Read more


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The Hollowing Out of America


How to Cope With Having No Friends. Having meaningful friendships can help you grow as a person, have more fun, and broaden your perspective. But if you don't have any friends, that doesn't mean your life has to be miserable. Read this...


Bill Of Rights


Bill Of Rights


Bill Of Rights