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There are many stars in the sky
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tru -when you're just like "wait didn't hermione have a crush on Sirius at one point" then realise that it was in a timetravel fanfic and where they dated-

OMG YES (And then maybe the Snape apologists can finally forgive teenage Sirius since wee Hermione also risked Snape's life, with potentially deadly consequences for Harry if she succeeded, no less.

Wow-didn't know it had a name. But don't even bother having this phobia. I would bet anything that you are good enough. But enough for whom? YOU. You should be confident in yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

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"It's sad when you realize you aren't important to someone as you thought you were." - quote

It sad when you realize that , It doesn't matter how much you do for someone, in the end they are going to do what ever the fuck they want and not care about you and your feelings. Loyalty and friendship don't seem to mean a god damn thing anymore.

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I feel that in school . The tiniest thing makes me annoyed at you and hurt been if it is only about u not letting me use ur things for art . I thought best friends share Mabye not all . Or it is simply over

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I feel like everybody secretly hates me black and white sad hurt lonely hate sad quotes picture quotes

Best Friendships Quotes A True Friends Knows Inspirational Quotes about best friends

Best Friendships Quotes A True Friends Knows Inspirational Quotes about best friends