Lindsay Powell

Lindsay Powell

Lindsay Powell
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Game of Thrones Hodor Door Wedge

For a Game of Thrones fan, the HODOR Door Wedge. When you just have to Hold the Door The design is carved (not laser burned) into the surface of the wedge. The timber is alpine ash (also known as Tasmanian Oak or Victorian Ash), and is x x 30

Does someone know how to do this Blue Sparkle Snowflake Nails Designs? Someone could tell me the full steps, please? Share your ideas here

Snowflake nail art can be the right Christmas fashion, and it is not hard to create with some small steps. Here are various ideas for your next design!

Маникюр | Видео уроки | Art Simple Nail Winter Nails -

Decorating nails is an incredible art! But have you ever wondered how such a small canvas can look so creative and how big impact it can have on the whole

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Ombre nail are goals ladies! Finding the very best ombre nails make us happy in life. There is just something about the color transitioning featured in ombre nails that offer an amazing perspective…