rammed earth

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the side of a building that is red and has vertical lines on it, as seen from above
Produkte von Artefakt Design
the side of a building that is made out of wood
Gallery of Yusuhara Marche / Kengo Kuma & Associates - 3
Screen system made of bundles of thatch pivot on steel mullions to rotate and let in fresh air at Yusuhara Marche in Japan. By Kengo Kuma & Associates.
a living room filled with lots of furniture and large windows in the middle of it
Centuries-old Spanish Farmhouse Transformed into a Stunning Home
For a family of creative designers and a painter, this centuries-old farmhouse certainly offers the kind of atmosphere that inspires further creativity.
a man walking across a bridge next to two tall brick buildings on either side of the walkway
materia (hormigón ciclópeo)
several pieces of wood stacked on top of each other
Pre-Cast Rammed Earth Panels
Here are nine pre-cast rammed earth panels in our factory in Napa, California, waiting to be sawn to final dimensions and transported to the job site for final installation. A steel frame is installed on the back of each panel to use for attachment to the structural wall.