Where's the bear? Sight word practice

Where's the Bear? I wanted to post a pick of another favorite sight word game of my cuties. It's called Where's the Bear. I labeled Dixie cups with sight words. Then I turn them over onto a tray and hide a bear underneath one cup.

Sight word dominoes to make yourself

Sight Word Dominoes & Speed Racer Game

Sight Word Dominoes – A fun game to help students learn sight words or new vocabulary in no time! Could modify to match uppercase and lowercase, English and Spanish/other language, word and ASL sign, math facts, etc.

Super fun hands-on activity for learning and practicing sight words!

Flipping sight word pancakes adds a little fun into center activities. All 220 Dolch sight words printed on colorful pancakes. Student would have fun, making sentences by oneself.

It's CONNECT FOUR MEETS WORD WORK!!! Actually, I think of it like SPELLING PLINKO!!!

Spelling Game For Kids

Spelling practice with Connect Four Game. Purchase the famous Connect Four and some permeant markers. Add letters to the gold discs or the red discs and you have created spelling practice via Connect Four.

The BEST sight word cards EVER.

Discount of for homeschoolers who use the code HSDISCOUNT off sight word pictures! - Get a rebate off your purchase of SnapWords, sight word pictures for young children, by sharing with your friends!

Remember these? Use Fortune Tellers to help kids practice their Sight Words!

Reading Activity: Sight Word Fortune Tellers

Spelling Practice: Commonly Confused and Misspelled Words Quiz - learn, improve and test your grammar and spelling skills ($0.99) lets you practice the correct spelling of over 100 frequently misspelled or confused words such as "you're" versus "your" or "aunt" vs "ant" in a fun and interactive quiz format.

Spelling Practice: Commonly Confused Words Quiz on the App Store

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