AAC Prompt Hierarchy -- what does "minimal prompting" mean? How much hand-over-hand is happening? Take a look at this prompt hierarchy and look for ways to scaffold our AAC learners to become less prompt dependent.

From HOH to HUH: Physically Supporting AAC Learners

From HOH to HUH: Physically Supporting AAC Learners - important ideas in teaching AAC users - types of physical supports that give control to the aac user

Chain of Cues - Instructional Video | DynaVox

Chain of Cues – Practice Exercises

Chain of Cues - References | DynaVox

Chain of Cues - References

www.unr.edu ndsip tipsheets 60-hand-under-hand%20prompting.pdf

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Hands On? Hands Off!

Hands On? Hands Off!

Resources and ideas for teachers and caregivers of learners with severe, profound, intensive, significant, complex or multiple special needs.

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Rethinking the AAC Prompting Hierarchy in Severe Apraxia

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